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AirSage giving back


As a technology company that provides data to the transportation industry, we feel we have a social responsibility to provide insights, particularly technology-driven insights, to the industry.  Not only that, we have an added responsibility to help those in this industry grow and succeed. 

We all want to see vibrant, livable communities; breathe cleaner air; experience well-planned transit systems; and realize a more efficient use of resources.  And AirSage wants to be a part of that.

Through our Giving Back Programs, AirSage hopes to do its part to make that happen:

·     Donations & Sponsorships

·     Educational and Academic Discounts

·     Nationwide Commute Report

Giving Back Contact

Ryan Kinskey

Director of Business Development and Marketing

Giving Back Email:

Giving Back Phone: +1 404 809 2499