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AirSage encourages the professional growth of Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT) and realizes the importance of providing resources to help members become better transportation professionals and thought leaders in their industry.  The AirSage PASS: Professional Advancement & Success Scholarship is exclusively for YPT members.

Each quarter, AirSage awards scholarships for individuals with the drive to further develop their career through training, conferences, seminars, or other methods of advancement.  Depending on need and requirements, AirSage will award recipient the funds needed to help cover the cost of registration, tuition, travel expenses, and other fees.


The amount of individual grants will depend on the specific project and budget planning. Most awards fall in the range of $500 to $2,500 but depending on project specifics may be more.

Applicants may apply for events taking place within the next six months or those that have already taken place within 90 days prior to submission.  The AirSage PASS can be used to cover costs based on need but could include (but not limited to) the following: 

·       Registration or class fees

·       Air transportation and/or hotel accommodations

·       Meals and incidentals

Amounts are determined based upon need and stated request.  A panel of judges determines winners based on need, persuasive submission, and value of event or use of funds. Award recipient(s) are notified via email and announced via social media, newsletter(s), press release, and YPT and AirSage websites.  Winner(s) must provide a photo and a quote usable for marketing purposes.

Generally, 70% of the estimated trip cost will be paid at time of announcement to help cover cost of air, hotel, registration and other upfront costs. Remaining money will be paid post-travel, once detailed trip report is submitted and accompanied by original receipts.  Specific grant terms can be negotiated during the application process.  Regardless of award, amount to be paid would not exceed actual expenses. Post-event report and receipts must be submitted within 30 days of event. If trip is not completed, recipient agrees to return award to AirSage within 14 days of original event start date.


Applicant must be a current Member of Young Professionals in Transportation (does not apply to "Friends" of YPT).

There is no limit to the amount of different submissions per quarter; however, multiple submissions of the same request will be disregarded.  

Applications must be submitted no later than 5:00 PM ET on the deadline. 

AirSage PASS recipients will not be eligible for another scholarship for one year.   Guidelines and Requirements are subject to change.


To apply for the AirSage PASS, click here.



The judges can base their decisions on a number of criteria: the need, their story, the level of involvement the candidate has in the community (both local and industry), event's impact on the candidate's career and advancement, how well the application responses are written... these are all just a few of the things that could be taken into consideration.  Feel free to use this worksheet to help you craft your response before applying. 

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