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LeadershipITE Scholarship

LeadershipITE is a program that identifies, develops, and engages leaders to shape the future of transportation.  Members selected to participate in an intensive 9-monthprogram of workshops, conferences, team projects, and other activities that address the challenges and opportunities facing the transportation industry and ITE.  Exploring current issues, develop leadership skills, and build a professional network are all part of this extraordinary program.   As part of the AirSage Annual Survey, participants voted for the organization to which they wanted to see our "On the Move" donation sent - the results were overwhelmingly in ITE's favor.  For more information on the LeadershipITE program, visit the ITE site here.   




Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT)

AirSage is proudly a Sustaining Affiliate sponsor for the Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT) Organization.  We look forward to working with this young, incredibly talented group over the next year.  For more information on supporting YPT, joining the organization, or checking out events in your area, check out their website here.  


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