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2014 Annual transportation survey results


We just need your email below to download a copy of At The Crossroads: The 2014 AirSage Annual Transportation Industry Survey.

This year we not only measured change in the industry by asking the same questions as last year, but also explored some new areas.

For the first time, we report on issues broken down by different types of government agencies – local, state and federal – as well as the roles people play in the industry. Every year, we hope to expand this survey to provide an even more complete picture of the industry and its people.

What the 2014 survey shows, even more strongly than last year, is how much people in our industry care about what they do. And as professionals, we all want to see vibrant, livable communities served by efficient, eco-friendly transportation systems. We want to make it easy for people to be good stewards of our natural resources and still be able to work, learn, play and travel the way we want.

Thank you for your interest in the annual survey!

                                                                                               - Cy Smith, Founder and CEO



Want to compare results for yourself?  Download a copy of the 2013 results here.

The most important revelations revolve around the future of our industry and our communities. We all want to see vibrant, livable communities; breathe cleaner air; experience well-planned transit systems; and realize a more efficient use of resources. We don’t all agree on specific industry goals and what challenges we’ll need to overcome, but we all have ideas about the transportation systems of the future.

Communications and transportation are two staples of the economy. Our ability to provide insights allows us to contribute to a more efficient transportation system; it’s our corporate responsibility and ingrained in our culture.

what others say About the survey


"The AirSage Transportation Survey offers unparalleled insight into the current state of transportation industry thinking and its evolutionary path envisioned by trade professionals.
It uncovers some interesting findings that show different perspectives on transportation and how the field is changing.
As the industry tries to navigate the current fiscal crisis, this survey will help illuminate the path forward for the decision-makers in both the public and private sectors."
- Andy Palanisamy, Founder & Editor, TransportGooru.com
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