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AirSage Pent-up demand for Summer 2021

Pent-up Demand for Summer 2021: Trends & Predictions

We analyzed 28 months of AirSage POI data at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL, and its surrounding area to compare the present and past travel patterns. The results are exciting! We identified positive changes and new trends in travel search, destination choices, and bookings. These insights provide an excellent foundation for new business and marketing strategies to attract more travelers.

This study features insights into:
• The changed travel behavior and new vacation preferences;
• New market opportunities;
• New business and marketing initiatives to ramp up sales in 2021.

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AirSage: Data sources comparison

Data Sources Comparison for Transportation Studies

Unsure how to select data sources for your next transportation study? If so, you’re not alone.

This industry guide will lead you through the most important criteria to assess data and data sources for your next transportation project. Get an outlook on the current data requirements to understand how you can prepare for the future changes, increase transportation system efficiency and embrace population equity, through data-driven analysis.

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airsage for marketers ebook cover

AirSage Data For Transportation Planners

An exclusive look at how transportation planners and transportation industry professionals can benefit from the insights provided by location intelligence.

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AirSage For Marketers

An exclusive look at how marketers and marketing agencies can benefit from the insights provided by location intelligence.

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tourism whitepaper

What Is Location Intelligence?

Learn everything you need to know about location intelligence and how it can benefit your business.

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tourism whitepaper

AirSage Tourism White Paper

Discover all you need to know about AirSage’s self-serving, web based application for the travel and tourism industry.

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tourism whitepaper

Location Intelligence for Golf Courses

Learn all you need to know about what location intelligence and location-based data can do for golf courses and golf management companies.

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