About AirSage

Pioneers in delivering complex population movement analytics and location-based data insights

Airsage pioneered the transformation of wireless network signaling data into powerful location intelligence information. Early research led to unique developments, patents and methodologies that enable AirSage to provide the most comprehensive population analytics and movement patterns on the market today. AirSage has the widest coverage in the United States of any location-based data service provider. We collect and analyze real-time mobile signals, GPS and other location data to produce and process billions of anonymous data points every day. AirSage provides unmatched scale and accuracy to its customers, while fully protecting data privacy.


Media companies, businesses, investors, transportation planners, real estate owners, travel & tourism professionals and a host of others have easy access to data that they can use for research and planning purposes. These insights can easily be integrated into larger models and analytics solutions, giving our customers an edge when solving complex challenges, planning for growth, creating marketing campaigns, or building stronger customer relationships.