Destination Location Analysis

The power of mobile geolocation data for destination market organizations, convention and visitor bureaus, and travel marketers

Mobile geolocation data is crucial to accurately report whether someone visits an area, where that person lives, and where visitors frequent while visiting the destination.

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Super Bowl 2018 Weekend Visitors

Report granularity levels

Easy filtering for definitive output of the destination study

 Study Time Period

Define the study period in calendar month(s), weeks, days, or days of weeks


Define the geographic study area using standard shape format(s)

 Visitor / Resident

Define a buffer around the POIs to easily filter visitors vs resident sightings

 Aggregation Level

Specify the census level - state, county, or tract, to aggregate a visitor's home / work location

Destination Location Analysis (DLA) studies provide insights on visitor devices to either a Destination Study Area (DSA), points of interest within a DSA, or both. Studies work best with high attraction geofences, such as adventure parks, small beach towns, boardwalks, beaches, museums, events, etc.

Visitor Origin Market

Visitor Home Location Assignment by Census Block Group, Tract, County, or Zip Code

Visitor Length of Stay In Destination

Learn more about the average length of stay for your study

Visitor Demographics

Report by age, income, and ethnicity

Airport of Origin

See what airport visitors use to fly in and out of

In-Destination Patterns

Develop patterns based on location sightings in your target study area

Start using Destination Location Analysis to understand your destination's visitor activity.

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