Property Analysis

Using our property analysis, you can gain insight into a high population attractor such as a retail mall, restaurant, event space, or other venue. Insights provided include trade area reach such as home location and work location distribution for population seen at a POI, hourly population distribution at a POI on a daily basis, frequency of visits to a POI, duration of stay at a POI, and population demographics including income, age, and ethnicity.

Interactive Demonstration

Four filters for greater granularity

Input features to create the point selection and produce the study

 Study Time Period

Define the study period in calendar month(s), weeks, days, or days of weeks.

 Point Type Filter

Select a subset from sightings, filter by end points, home, work, and moving points for better results.

 Home / Work Distance

Home and work distance filter is used to select population at a POI based on distance criteria.

 Frequency, Duration, & Distance

Bins used to filter down to sighting frequencies, durations, and distance from home or work.

Understand Visitors

With trillions of data points observed, we're able to help build a profile of demographics for your study. Some common elements to our target location analysis can include:

Activity and time spent at the location
Visits per device
Home and work locations by block group, or higher
Income distribution, age, gender, ethnicity

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