Tourism market research using billions of daily anonymous device sightings.

Complement your visitor profile surveys & traditional data collection methods with mobile location data. Identify visitor demographics, behaviors, and build seasonality trends with historical data in your destination market.

How It Works

Tourism + AirSage

Built for the travel and tourism market, easily measure visitation to metropolitan areas, counties, or distinct landmark(s), identify points of interest to see where else visitors seen in market go to, and paint a clear picture of where your visitors come from and who they are.

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How It Works & Report Features

We've made big data processing easy to define and retrieve.

Define The Study Area & Points of Interest

Define Your Market or Property Area

Choose from pre-drawn metro areas, counties, or simply draw your own shape in our easy to use drawing tool. The "study area" drawn on the map will use anonymous devices seen in the area during the month, or during days selected for an event impact study.

Filter Out Local Devices

If you're measuring true visitation to your market or property, you may wish to exclude devices seen in the area that also reside within a certain mile radius.

Add Points of Interest

See where else visitors to your market went by defining points of interest. Unique devices observed at these points of interest were also seen in your market or property during the timeframe defined (month or days).

Data Automatically Delivered to Application

Don't Wait Weeks for Your Data

After submitting your market or event impact study, our backend processes each month (or event) of data in about 20 minutes. We're traversing trillions of rows using big data technology. Once complete, your study is laid out neatly within the organization's dashboard. Invite others to see your data!

Download Your Data

While we visualize the data for you, if you'd rather export the report you can easily download to CSV or explore it in a friendly table format.

Visualize That Goodness

The fun part is seeing your research visualized — we did the heavy lifting for you. Map where your visitors come from, down to the neighborhood level, identify historical visitation trends, know class segments for visitors seen in your market or property, and more.

Reporting Features

Overnight Visitation & Daytrips

Identify overnight visitation and daytrip metrics using our new feature set. Get better insights into what states are supporting your bed tax, daytrip visitors who spend more than four hours in your market, and commuters / travelers just passing through.

Class Segmentation

Do you understand who your visitors are? We've built class segmentation based on where your visitors live - 10 census backed classes specific to visitors seen both in market and at the individual point of interest level.

Seasonality Trends & Movement

See visitation counts and build seasonality trends with historical data going back to January 2017. Identify counts to your market, as well as points of interest in-or-out of your destination market.

Event Impact & Population Density

Pair event impact functionality with our population density to identify movement in your market. Perfect for event studies, understand how the majority of visitors and residents route through your custom study area.

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“We have shifted our entire marketing strategy based on what we have received from AirSage... we are a big fan!”

Leroy Bridges
Vice President, Digital & Communications
Visit St. Pete / Clearwater

“Our work with AirSage has helped us better define our target market geography as well as what attractions tend to be the biggest draw.”

Andy Rupert
Director of Digital Strategy & Metrics
Central PA Convention & Visitors Bureau

AirSage? We started location intelligence.

We've been doing this a while. Since 2000, AirSage has been in the location intelligence business — we used to use anonymous telecom data to triangulate cell tower pings. With our transition to GPS data, we've gotten more precise and improved our platform around it. We source our data from voluntary opt-in application data and produce data output that ensures strict privacy is met.


Monthly Unique Devices

200+ Million


Market Data Crunch Time

< 20 Minutes


Historical Months


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