Trip Patterns

Trip Matrices, or origin-destination trip tables, have a wide ranging utility - through the advanced pattern recognition algorithms, AirSage understands all travel in the United States from a local to national level. Our trip matrix (travel) data provides insights on population movement segmented by time of day, travel purpose, and traveler type (resident or visitor) for an average weekday / weekend in a calendar month.

Our trip matrix platform can be utilized to provide the following individual studies:

 Regional Trip Matrix

The regional trip matrix takes sample trip legs for each day over a study period and then attributes each sample with additional features based on census data, as well as any client provided inputs.

 Long Distance Trip Matrix

Snaps shorter, intermittent trip legs together, to represent true origin and destination for travel further than a set threshold.

 Sub Matrix

The sub matrix, or select link analysis, reports estimated person trips between analyses TAZs within a study area for a segment of trip makers observed to pass through a zone of interest aka “sub-zone”(e.g. a segment of toll road or bridge).

 Demographic Trip Matrix

The regional trip matrix with socio-demographics provides insights on the mobility pattern within a study area across specific population sub groups traveling within the study area.

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