AirSage provides visitation insights & population movement data.

Use our visual application for better destination market research, location intelligence data for transportation studies and retail performance analysis, or our PaaS to build your own location intelligence products.

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Powering Location Intelligence For Our Partners

We Ushered In Location Intelligence, Now We're Maturing The Market

Nearly two decades ago, AirSage began with patented technologies to triangulate the location of cell phones from major US wireless carriers. We put data privacy first — device information was anonymous and we aggregated the output to census level geographies or grids. In 2017 we made the move to GPS data for better accuracy while still maintaining the same strict privacy policies and improving methodology.

It's 2019 and AirSage is a better company. With new leadership, evolving methodologies from years of experience, and transparency to our customers, we're helping customers more effectively leverage location intelligence.

Four Product Verticals,
Endless Platform Business Cases

We have data products based on transportation, travel & tourism, and commercial real estate. Utilizing our platform, you may also find your own unique business use case for out-of-home (OOH) media, site selection, visitation statistics, population density, or others.

Destination Market Research & Event Impact

Visual application enabling destination market studies — visitor count, length of stay, seasonality trends, events, and more. Full self-serve model baked in.

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Property Analysis

Analytics pertaining to foot traffic & visitation at targeted points of interest — retail, event spaces, public spaces or other commercial venues.

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Zone-based or zonal based origin/destination trip tables to assist in understanding trip generation and attraction and general population flow for a given study area.

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Population Density

Easily identify population density in a 10-100-1000 meter grid area to study movement and trends.

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