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Here at AirSage, we are dedicated to serving up the newest, most innovative location data solutions in the market and pride ourselves on having the most advanced capabilities in the industry. We can answer questions like the ones below, using our Big Location Data and advanced analytics:

How many people earning more than $100k a year drive past a given billboard between 5 pm and 6 pm?

How much longer do customers spend at establishment A vs. B, and where do they go for lunch beforehand?

How many people visiting St. Petersburg, Florida are traveling for business vs. pleasure? And how many of these visitors ride bikes?

What are the best flight paths for drones in every single US city, so that there is minimal chance of property damage in case of a crash?

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Industries Served

Build your use case around the original mobile data location intelligence provider.

AirSage Traffic

High-resolution intelligence on population movement, enriched with traveler demographics.

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Travel & Hospitality

Our web-based, self-serving application built to understand where their visitors go and who they are.

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Property Footfall

Gain insight into high population attractors such as retail malls, restaurants, event spaces, and other venues.

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Population Density

Understand activity within a population over the course of a given time frame.

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