Population Density

Insight on population activity at a defined geography during a certain time period. Population Density can provide population activity count for a specific day(s) or for all weekdays / weekend days, filtered by time and defined grid. Using these aggregates, our geolocation data can be used for heatmaps or other visualizations in your study. Our data output is aggregated by 10-100-1000 meter grids for privacy.

Interactive Demonstration

Easily defined input parameters for your study

Produces population report(s) seen in the geofence during the study time period


Define the geographic study area using standard shape format(s)

Sighting Filter

Characterize sightings based on home, work, transient, and endpoint filters

Grid Size

Aggregating the population output, from 1000 - 100 - 10 meter intervals

Time Period

Define the study period for report output

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