The new standard in population movement data.

Identify where devices are located throughout the day for any given “hot spot” location or special event on a defined geographical space. This tool allows for a better understanding of how people move throughout an area that can influence development patterns, recognize event-based migration patterns, can help to manage emergency management applications, and many other useful applications.

  • Aggregated unique devices in a geographical grid

  • Perfect for general population movement and density

  • Data output is aggregated by 10-100-1000 meter grids

Product Features

Easily defined input parameters for your study. Produces population report(s) seen in the geofence during the study time period. Geolocation data can be used for heatmaps or other visualizations in your study.


Define the geographic study area using standard shape format(s).

Sighting Filter

Characterize sightings based on home, work, transient, and endpoint filters.

Grid Size

Aggregating the population output, from 1000 – 100 – 10-meter intervals.

Time Period

Define the study period for report output.

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